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The ACE  Electrical Engineering Division performs  complete design of lighting, power , and grounding distribution  within a school site. ACE uses state  of  the art computer programs to arrive at  optimum  design values.  These  programs  as well as the latest  versions  of  the industry  codes  and  standards  enables us  to  design  best  fit lighting systems, and analyze various engineering problems such as voltage  drops,  short  circuit  currents,  relay  selection   and coordination,  grounding systems and motor starting problems.  Our experience  includes  design of industrial  plants,  commercial  &  residential buildings from conceptual to final design. Also ACE can provide expert advise  and evaluation of previously designed projects for client's use.



The ACE performs complete design of heating, ventilating, and  air conditioning systems for school buildings of all types.We use  computer-assisted analysis (CADD and CAE) to evaluate alternative  heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems during the schematic  and detailed  design  stages. The firm's staff has  design  experience with  all types of  packaged and built-up heating, ventilating  and air  conditioning systems in all climates.  Specialized experience  in  high  rise office  buildings, institutional,  basic industrial and commercial buildings  enables best design for  school site within buildings.



The ACE performs complete design of plumbing systems. As an active design engineer, ACE has designed from hospitality suites to restaurants, laboratories, and from residential to commercial offices. With the total number of jobs performed, ACE has encountered and dealt with every possible plumbing situation possible. Overall, ACE has wide range of experience and know-how in the area of plumbing design. ACE is extremely active in the American Society of Plumbing Engineers. This relationship enhances the knowledge and updating of all current issues of the plumbing industry. 



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