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            Absolute  Consulting  Engineers    was founded in Newport Beach, California, primarily to provide services in the fields of mechanical, and electrical engineering.

            ACE has been one of the leaders of consulting engineers in the school construction industry. The work has ranged over 2460 variety of jobs to projects across the several states.

             ACE has experienced all variation of sites. Such variations occur in types of climates, elevations, special needs of equipment, special needs of clients, new innovations in the world of construction industry, all types of available power to the sites, all configurations of type and shapes of buildings, and all variations of cooling devices for such facilities.

             ACE has steadily grown with the industry. It has progressed to its present stature by providing professional quality engineering for over 165 projects annually. This was achieved by offering Clients the assurance that the project at hand - be it complicated or simple, large or small - would be handled with maximum skill and integrity in combination with maximum efficiency and economy.

             ACE  believes that the Civil (Structural Engineering/Hydrology), Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Analysis, LEED, Legal/Forensic Case, Equipment/Machine Design consultants completes all aspects of the entire scope of industry. The Total Design and R&D Consultant has been the theme since inception of the company. Our extreme broad experience will design that you receive the most efficient system design with the environment, practicality as well as minimized cost. Of course, life safety will never be sacrificed.

             ACE principals are directly involved with all projects, regardless of size. They supervise the work of their Engineers and Designers so that the Client can receive the best functional engineering design well within his established time frame. ACE principals are always available for any comments, discussion or questions raised by the Client, contractor or any other designated Client representative.

            ACE will be happy to entertain you with any of your questions and will be happy to be part of your solutions for your engineering needs.


"Dr. Saum K. Nour", PhD, CIPE, CPFP, CPD, LEED AP, ASPE Fellow
  PE Civil, PE Electrical, PE Mechanical
  Nuclear Engineering: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
  Mechanical Engineering: B.S.



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